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DENGENSHA TOA’s Approach to SDGs

The term SDGs refers to the “Sustainable Development Goals” formulated by the United Nations in 2015.
17 goals and 169 targets were established for the creation of a rich and vibrant future, as the global common goals that should be addressed over the 15-year period ending in 2030.
DENGENSHA TOA is taking various actions to realize a “sustainable society.”

Development of technologies that will lead to the next generation

We are developing technologies and products to contribute to the realization of carbon neutrality.
We will not only aim to improve customer satisfaction by providing integrated products and services, but also contribute to the further development of product technologies through collaborations with other companies.

Development of technologies that will lead to the next generation

Consideration for the environment

Through the development of energy-saving equipment, we offer products that can be welded at an energy of one-third of conventional products.
We also promote initiatives to solve environmental issues by utilizing clean energy.

Consideration for the environment

Contributing to the communities

We are striving for coexistence with the local communities, helping to revitalize the regional economy and clean up the neighborhood.
We will contribute to the restoration and maintenance of the functions of local infrastructure through early restoration and business continuation in the event of any disasters.

  • Companies driving regional growth

  • Releasing electric power upon disasters (utilization of stored electric power from solar power generation)

  • Clean-up of the neighborhood of the Omi Plant

Contributing to the communities

Contributing to society and employees

We are striving to improve the workplace environment and to promote the health of our employees, aiming for a comfortable workplace for employees.
In addition, by having an employee award system, we are creating a rewarding workplace regardless of gender or age.

  • Annual award system

  • Promoting work-hour reduction and vacation use

  • Health awareness survey

Health awareness survey


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