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Embracing the changes of the Times,
Continuing to Pursue Next-generation
Joining Technologies

代表取締役社長 熊木 秀一

DENGENSHA TOA Co., Ltd. was established in April 2017 through a merger between Dengensha Mfg. Co., Ltd., which holds a high market share in Japan as a comprehensive resistance welding machine manufacturer and Nastoa Welding Technologies Co., Ltd. Combining the achievements and experience possessed by the two former companies, realized the best possible resistance welding technology, while creating new corporate value and a new corporate culture so that we can respond to the diversified needs of all customers.

Currently, environmentally friendly activities and changing to sustainable materials are being thoroughly promoted in the manufacturing sites, where the use of completely new materials and processes are required for the welding technologies of our company. For example, the automobile industry which is facing a wave of “electric vehicles (EV)” is now using high-tensile steel sheets and aluminum material, etc. for the purpose of reducing the body weight. Needs that cannot be handled by a conventional resistance welding method, such as joining different types of metals, and joining different types of materials including metal and resin are now required. In response to such changes of the times and changes in the needs of customers, we are developing joining technology including laser welding and solid-state welding that can contribute to the next-generation, aiming for the co-creation of the technology required for society in the future in cooperation with universities as well as cross-industrial.

代表取締役社長 熊木 秀一

Resistance welding technology is for quantitatively determining the electrode force, current value, and energization time to be applied depending on the joining material. Uniformity of the quality and enhancement of the traceability are also being promoted by creating data on the welding conditions in all cases. We will continue to develop the welding technologies for the next-generation from the software aspect, not only hardware aspect, by managing and analyzing all the information related to resistance welding, including the technology and knowledge cultivated in the industry over many years as big data.

代表取締役社長 熊木 秀一 代表取締役社長 熊木 秀一

The welding technology provided by our company is essential for a broad range of manufacturing sites, such as the automobile industry, railway, steel industry, house building materials, and home appliances. In order to continue to support the comfortable daily life of people and an affluent society, DENGENSHA TOA Co., Ltd. is striving to take the path from a comprehensive resistance welding machine manufacturer to a comprehensive joining machine manufacturer.

代表取締役社長 熊木 秀一


As a full-line joining machine manufacturer, we provide optimal solutions to the diverse needs of our customers.