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Can you do a welding experiment?

Yes, we can. We would like to study content of the experiment, please contact our sales representatives or ask us by our inquiry form.
For your reference, we have provided various experimental welding equipment (facilities) as shown below.

・Spot welding machine: Single phase AC, DC Inverter, AC Inverter, 3-phase Rectification and Capacitor type
・Projection welding machine : Single phase AC, DC Inverter, AC Inverter, Three-phase Rectification, Capacitor and Inverter Capacitor Type
・Seam welding machine: Single phase AC, DC Inverter and AC Inverter Type

Potable Shear Welder, Resistance Heat Caulking Systems, Resistance Heating and Laser Welding System are also available.We also have evaluation equipment, such as Universal Testing Machines, Macroscopic Testing Facilities, Digital Microscopes (×20 to ×200), Erichsen Testing Machines and Manual Type Dial Torque Wrenches.


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