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What is the difference between spot welding machine and projection welding machine?

The device configuration of spot-welding machines and projection-welding machines are basically the same.However, as the parallelism of electrodes is crucial for projection welding, the rigidity of the machinery is increased and deflection during pressurization is suppressed.Additionally, the maximum short circuit current is also set to a higher value because higher current values are often required.
Spot welding machines can also perform projection welding of nuts and bolts as well as butt welding, as long as the electrodes and welding parameters are changed.
In addition, when crimping the terminal to the enameled wire, it is possible for a welder to carry out heat staking to allow crimping without peeling the enamel off.
In this way, the model is selected according to the welding quality required for the object to be welded.


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